Lauragh Lagoon, County Kerry

Situated 1km southwest of the village of Lauragh, un-named on the 1:50.000 OS map. A moderate sized (20ha) natural “saltmarsh” lagoon. Not a lot is known about this site, as it was only visited briefly in October 2006. Appears to be very shallow, salinity measured 4.4psu at the time of sampling (9/10/2006), but probably varies considerably.

Drongawn Lough, County Kerry

Drongawn Lough is a natural rock lagoon with a restricted tidal range due to a narrow connection with the sea through a small tidal bay which itself has a narrow connection to the open sea. The lake lies on the south coast of the Ring of Kerry peninsula, 6 km to the east of Sneem. Kenmare Bay lies 300 m to the south of the lake but is separated by a ridge of rock and the inlet to the lake lies in the northeast corner via Coongar Harbour. Very little appears to be known about this lake, other than the fact that a small flock of Whooper swans (Cygnus cygnus) is often present in the winter. It is, however, a good example of a completely natural, moderately large, saline lake on the mountainous Kerry coastline in an almost perfect state of preservation.

Lough Gill, County Kerry

Lough Gill is situated on the north coast of the Dingle peninsula, 1 km from the town of Castlegregory. A large (144ha) shallow (up to 2m), natural sedimentary lagoon in a classical position lying between two barriers which unite to form a tombolo connecting the mainland to a group of the Magharee islands.

Blennerville Lakes, County Kerry

Situated 1km southwest of Tralee. Two small (total 3ha) artificial lagoons formed behind an embankment of the River Lee, carrying a road and canal from Tralee.  Low salinity (5.1-10.3psu) at the time of sampling (20/10/06) and highly eutrophic.

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