Portavaud, County Sligo

A small (6ha), shallow (1m) natural “saltmarsh” lagoon, linked by a channel running under the road to a lower salinity extension of the lagoon. The lagoons are situated 12km northwest of Ballysadare, Co. Sligo. Salinity measured 1.8-3.5psu in the western pool and 16.9 in the eastern pool at the time of sampling (9/11/05).

Tanrego Lagoon, County Sligo

A small (2.5ha) artificial lagoon formed on reclaimed land behind a coastal embankment and situated 7km west of Ballysadare, County Sligo on the shoreline of Ballysadare Bay. The lagoon receives freshwater from drainage ditches which drain through a sluice in the embankment. Salinity probably varies but is presumably mesohaline most of the time and ranged from 11.5 – 21.2psu at the time of sampling (20-21/8/03).